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There's no need to worry about complicated rules or pesky baddies in Tickling Cat. All you need to do is to keep swiping your finger on the kitty's belly. Watch his happiness meter rise with every tickle. Once you reach the red portion of the gauge, you can lift your finger and watch the happy feline show you how happy he is through his poses and silly expressions. It's a small reward, yes, but as the app description says, "your heart will be healed".

Release Date: 27/03/2014

Available on: iOS, Tablet, Mobile, Android

App Store Rating: 4.1/5

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Of course, Tickling Cat wouldn't be as fun if the actual feline wasn't cute. Thankfully, he's adorable. A few expressions make him look a bit like a raccoon at times, with the mask-like pattern on his face and the stripes on his tail, but the happy cat is always a sight for sore eyes. Add some silly squeaks, plus a dash of delighted meows and you've got a great alternative to the classic stress ball.

The downside here is that once you've tickled the cat to your heart's content, there's really not much else to do. It would be nice to have unlockable content, things to customize the kitty with at least. On that note, perhaps a few pattern types to choose from would add something special for those owned by their kitties in real life. Having some way to make the cat unique would also make the app double as an avatar maker.

Now Tickling Cat may not be the most engaging app but it is oddly relaxing to play. It's worth noting though that a small strip at the bottom displays ads continuously. There are also a couple of buttons above it (one for more games and one leads to the developer's website), so if you're thinking of showing the app to kids, it might be a good idea to supervise them.

Try the app if you have a weakness for anything cute, are a fan of felines or if you're looking for an adorable, no-stress time waster. We guarantee, a few minutes will be good enough to brighten your day.

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Tickling Cat is developed by Inline planning Co., Ltd..