Tom Moves Into a Swanky Apartment in Talking Tom Cat 2 Mobile Game

Talking Tom Cat 2 App Game

Just like the first app, Talking Tom Cat 2 is geared more for children in terms of its delivery. That being said, the app gives players the chance to choose which features are accessible during its initial boot up. If the app is meant to be played by kids, parents can opt to turn Child Mode on in order to ensure that the little ones do not spend any cash on in-app purchases. On the other hand, Standard Mode will have all of the IAPs available, giving players the ability to purchase upgrade packs and Gold Coins.

Easy to Use

The controls of Talking Tom Cat 2 are pretty straightforward. All players need to do is to tap on the bubbles at the side of the screen to make Tom perform a variety of tricks and actions. Tom can play with his yo-yo, go get a fork and a knife for the player and even give a rose. Ben the Dog (from Talking Ben) also makes an appearance in Talking Tom Cat 2. From hitting Tom's face with a cushion, covering the cat's face with cake, farting and even popping a paper bag to frighten him, Ben seems to show up solely to play pranks on the poor feline. Tom doesn't take all things lying down either as he tries to scratch Ben and pop a some paper bags of his own. It's silly but it does make for a few laughs.

On top of making Tom repeat your words and making him do different actions, players can stroke his fur, poke him even challenge him to a mini game for Gold Coins. They can also give him a stylish makeover by customizing him with clothes and accessories. Do you want Tom to look like a pirate? How about a cowboy? You can even give him a sombrero or a Hawaiian shirt if you wish. Tom has plenty of outfits to choose from and each update adds more items in his wardrobe.

Release Date: 27/05/2011

Available on: iOS, Tablet, Mobile, Android

App Store Rating: 4.3/5

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Additional Content

If simply interacting with the cute feline isn't enough, then you'd be glad to know that Talking Tom Cat 2 has achievements you can aim for. There's also a mini game where the goal is to climb all the way to space to earn Gold Coins. For those extra special moments, players can record videos of Talking Tom to send to friends or upload in social networking sites like Facebook or Youtube. The app also gives fans the chace to see what the community is up to by watching Talking Tom videos taken by other people.

The Verdict: Better than the First

So should you give Talking Tom 2 a shot? If you are a fan of the first and are looking for a new and improved version which features more of the same things, then you've found the perfect app. If you're a parent looking for something to amuse your child, then you may want to give this a try and see for yourself if your little one will like it. Note that while the app itself has a child-friendly setting which prevents IAPs, there will still be animated banner ads on the screen. In that case, parents may choose to buy an ad-free version of the app. Additionally, it may be used to encourage kids to form words in order to interact with Tom even though the app was not created with the intention of becoming a learning tool.

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Talking Tom Cat 2 is developed by Outfit7.