Pet Feeding Game

Ever had your heartstrings pulled by a mewing kitten? Are you the type to stop and feed strays on your way home? In that case, this game can either give you a huge headache or it can be one very addicting game. And since you are reading a review about a pet game, it is highly likely that you are the latter.

Release Date: 01/11/2015

Portal Rating: 4.0/5

Pet Feeding is developed by Agame.

Bring Out Those Chews

In Pet Feeding, you will have to feed four cute, but very hungry animals. The rabbit needs carrots, the dog is begging for bones, the cat mews incessantly for fish, and the hamster wants some pellets. Thankfully, there are plenty of kids who have these food items and are raring to feed the irresistibly adorable beggars. Your job is to direct them to the correct recipient of their treats by toggling the arrow indicators on the ground.

Marker route switching is done via directional buttons on your keyboard. You start at the top of the screen. From there, you will need to press left or right to point the kids to either the rabbit and the dog or the sparkly-eyed cat and hamster on either side. Afterwards, you would need to press either up or down to direct them to a side road that leads to the pet on the upper street or the one found at the lower area. The tricky part here is the timing for these actions, considering the fact that while you are managing one kid, another is on his way. Worth noting is the fact that changing the Left and Right key only toggles a single arrow, while the Up or Down button triggers both side markers at the same time.

It Works Better In-Game

The mechanics are simpler in action, though the real challenge lies in your ability to multi-task. The first few waves are slow and easy enough, but as you level up, things will gradually get harder. That means split second timing later in the game. By then, assigning kids to the hungry pets will need to be second nature to your fingers. Do not think that you can suddenly switch directions last minute, whatever path you assign will be followed to a tee as soon as they step on the arrow. If this still sounds like a piece of cake to you, then consider the fact that one false move will mean starting over. So really, forget about pawning that tasty carrot to the dog.

Still Addictive fun

With its simple mechanics and tricky timing, the game is surely hard to put down. Though what would have made Pet Feeding a top tier pet sim puzzle game hybrid would be difficulty options. With a sudden death rule in play, surely, beginners would like something a little more low key during their first forays. Advanced players on the other hand, may want to skip the warm up and go straight to fast paced game play.

Korean Aesthetics

The character design emulates those found in Korean memo pads and stationery, which makes sense since the game is actually Korean. Details like light shading and textures make the scene look polished and easy on the eyes. The game is also in top-view, so we appreciate the effort of integrating some perspective to the art.

Animation-wise, the game really does pull at the heartstrings. With the dog alternating between standing up and wagging his tail as well as the cat's big sparkly eyes, the sprites are simple yet charming. Overall, the visuals complement the game nicely. You do not need to read any of the text - figuring out what is happening in game is all a matter of keeping an eye on the action. Since each of the visual elements are properly detailed, and the speed of movement is moderately paced (even when things get frantic), do not worry about getting eye strain from the later stages of this game.

Being a pet sim and puzzle game hybrid, it is important to entice players with a sense of urgency. Aside from the gradual increase in difficulty, the background music and sound bites are effective in encouraging players to hustle. The head-bobbing, background music plays in low tones

The Verdict

Despite Pet Feeding's non-English origins, the fact remains that it is one addictive little game to play. The controls are simple once you get the hang of them (and you will, with a bit of practice and patience). The art is universally cute no matter what direction you look at it. Pet Feeding's game play is easy to learn but tricky to master. Sure, you only interact via directional key presses, but the game still manages to be challenging. At the same time, the blend of whining pets and head-bobbing music loops is oddly entertaining, despite the title's hectic nature.

Graphics-wise, its colorful art style certainly looks cheery, which only fuels one's desire to feed the gluttonous animals. With so many pet sim games that range from ho-hum to unbalanced and unplayable, this title is definitely a breath of fresh air. It is truly a testament to the fact that games need not be complicated to be enjoyable. Genre fans of all ages as well as those who just cannot resist games with adorable animals will surely find this title hard to put down. We give this game a hungry little hamster's 88/100.