My Cute Pets 2 Game

Those with an inclination to play hectic time management titles with a side of adorable, sparkly-eyed animals may just be the players in mind when My Cute Pets 2 was conceptualized. No, this isn't strictly for those who don't meet the height requirement for rollercoaster rides. On the contrary, it is for older players who have already developed good reflexes.

Release Date: 01/11/2015

Portal Rating: 3.0/5

My Cute Pets 2 is developed by Agame.

Why is that, you ask? Well at face value, My Cute Pets 2, may lead you to think that it is an easy game. We thought so too, until we got overwhelmed by the time management tasks on hard difficulty. With the number of possible demands your precious pets can have and the unreasonable time window given, the pace tends to get a bit jumpy. Actually, even the Normal difficulty seemed a tad unbalanced, especially considering the disarmingly cute theme of the game.

While the first My Cute Pet had a dog, a cat and a horse to take care of, the second game trades in the equine with a hamster and a rabbit. This means you have four pals to interact with simultaneously.

It All Starts with Socialization

Interaction is divided into twelve types and executed using five motions. A Z motion is used to brush or blow dry your pet's fur and to pick up litter. Cuddling and talking to your pet may be done by clicking on the appropriate icon and sliding you mouse cursor left and right. To fill up their feeding bowls, you must move your mouse cursor up and down until the feed meter gets maxed out. A simple click and release allows you to give your pet water, a carrot or a biscuit snack. Lastly, cleaning the cage, tucking in for a nap and the "water play" command is given by a click and drag, followed up by another click after 10 seconds.

While in theory these sound to be fair key presses for a time management game, there are a few hiccups to consider. This includes the fact that requests tend to overlap and disappear within a few seconds as well as the fact that the Z type motion is more like a "rub everywhere" command. On easy, you can keep up with these two things but on hard difficulty, you may end up with spastic fingers afterwards. Seriously, who can pay attention to how much mud spots are left on your dog when your cat is asking for a tuck in, your hamster is desperate for water and your bunny just changed its mind about cuddling after a mere five seconds. Hectic is an understatement. On higher difficulties the system gets a bit unforgiving and imbalanced.

On the bright side, the game is not completely unplayable for those who prefer a slower paced title. Like we said, there are difficulties to choose from, at least when in Continuous mode. In this game type, you get to take all your pet's requests as long as you keep their status bars in check. Keep in mind that failing to fulfill requests will keep your pets moods sour and will inevitably cut your endless mode game short.

Challenge is Never Lacking

If you are unfazed by the speed and putting the game on a lower difficulty is just too laid back for you, switch to the Challenges category instead. In this mode, you get to choose which pet you want to focus on, each with a corresponding level requirement and time limit. While you do get to pick which critter to cater to, you will still need to take care of all four if you want to pass with flying colors. These tasks vary in terms of difficulty, so you will have to adjust accordingly. For instance, the Hungry Cat challenge requires you to feed your kitty five times within three minutes. This is the first task given if you choose to focus on the cat and is categorized as an easy task. The second feline task is straightforward enough. It requires you to keep all the pets happy within five minutes and is counted as a normal difficulty challenge. On paper, the requirements don't look like much, but in reality, these are trickier than they appear. Your pets' demands are randomized, so objectives like "cuddle me five times" entail you watching the prioritized pet like a hawk to ensure you make the cut.

Manage to finish one of these and you will be awarded a corresponding trophy. Not much of a reward, especially for the harder ones in the list, but the varying pace may just be the thing to keep time management veterans on their toes.

Animal Aesthetics

The graphics are obviously what will draw a niche crowd to this game. While it is not the prettiest game around, its colorful, cute graphics may make girls (and maybe a few guys) go d'aww. The menu layout is simple and quite user friendly, appropriate for the target users of this title. The audio department gets average marks. While there is a good variety to My Cute Pets' background music, the game is quite lacking in terms of key sound effects. The best example of this is the alarm clock for the tuck in command. With so many things going on at once, it would have been nice to have a distinct sound effect for the alarm to indicate that your pet's ten second nap is over.

The Verdict

Basically, My Cute Pets 2 is no award-winning title. But to a certain niche, there may just be something oddly entertaining about keeping up with the demands of four adorable pets. The most problematic aspect of this title is the unforgiving speed with which pet requests have to be fulfilled on higher difficulties. While the tasks on their own isn't anything to get frazzled about, the differing key presses may get confusing during higher difficulties. While it looks to be a title geared for kids, the frustrating game play balance may leave young players discombobulated and with tired fingers. If you have a high tolerance for hectic game play and you happen to like sweet-looking pets, give this title a try. Otherwise, if you are on the lookout for a more enjoyable game with similar graphics, go for the first My Cute Pets instead. We give this this game a spoiled and demanding puppy's 71/100.