Hannas Sweet Puppies Game

Though judging from the title, Hanna's Sweet Puppies may sound like a pet simulation game, it is actually more of a time management title. If you have a beloved dog or cat of your own, then you know the level of responsibility involved in keeping them happy. Think of the work and multiply it by ten.

Release Date: 01/11/2015

Portal Rating: 3.0/5

Hannas Sweet Puppies is developed by Girls Play.

Can Has Puppies!

The thing about Hanna is that like a true animal advocate, she absolutely loves her pets. Unfortunately, she keeping adopting more and more puppies to add to the family. Actually, scratch that. The puppies look more like full-grown, super needy dogs really. Regardless, they do require your undivided care and attention, which results in some hasty feedings and a whole lot of frantic brushing, petting and playing.

Dog Gone Gameplay

An all too familiar standard to time management titles, the game play is a matching type, mouse click and drop fare. Your pups' needs are displayed with the use of thought bubbles. Pick the matching icon at the bottom of the screen and bring it to the appropriate pet to add to your level XP meter. The meter, represented by a bone, steadily fills up as you complete tasks given to your by your pets and collect the stars they drop. If it reaches the maximum amount, you proceed to the next stage and start all over again. Perhaps with a new pup and an unfamiliar command to add to the challenge.

You initially have only two pups and an XP goal of 200. You will need to feed them and give them water, which simply entails bringing the food bowl or water bowl icon to your pets. They then leave you collectible level points after they automatically eat or drink. Move your mouse to sweep the XP stars on the ground to fill up your meter before the time runs out.

Simple enough, right? This part of the game is quite manageable, giving the impression that Hanna's Sweet Puppies is an easy, unchallenging game. It may revolves around a simple concept but unchallenging is not. Clear Level 1 and find that the second stage introduces patting into the mix of possible actions. This requires you to slide the mouse on your pup several times to fill up his attention bar. It is a definite time eater, especially when the similarly executed play command is introduced. Mix it up with a few more demanding dogs and you'll be struggling to fill up that XP bar in no time.

In over your head with the demands of your puppies? Make them wait enough and they will run around for a bit before they change their request. The real penalty here is the added idle waiting time, especially when time is running out fast. Unfortunately, XP stars also disappear if you do not stop to collect them, adding to the struggle when you are focusing on the more time consuming actions.

Nothing Like a Good Pup

The graphics for Hanna's Sweet Puppies are nicely polished. The colors blend well and are surely eye candy for younger players. The graphics are not sugary cute but are charming in a traditional sort of way. The barking sound effect is well-placed and unobtrusive, but the background music is just so-so. There is an option to completely turn it off in case you have heard enough, but more variety would have definitely been preferred.

While kids may be drawn to the game due to its colorful visuals, the frantic mechanics may be a bit too frustrating for them --or for the parents when they see their busted computer mouse. The time allotment is quite strict and the balance between time consuming requests can get overwhelming at times. There are no continues either, so you will have to start from the beginning of the game whenever you fail a level. As a result, replay value is totally dependent on how much time and patience one is willing to spend on something so frantic.

The Verdict

For those on the lookout for a casual, relaxing pet title, Hanna's Sweet Puppies is definitely not the right fit. This is more for time management veterans who do not mind the sweating to complete a level. And although not all kids will appreciate the priority juggling game play, it could be a perfect fit for those reeling from a sugar rush. As a bonus, it does teach young players about the amount of work pet entails, especially when you multiply it by two or four.

Though the game is not a total flop, it is not anything special either. The game's simple mechanics may be good for a few minutes of enjoyment, but unfortunately the unbalanced, busy game play and lack of a continue function may not be girls cup of tea. Still, it does impart a valuable lesson on pet parenting so there is no harm in letting your kids try it for a bit of this Girls Go Games puppy game.

In the end, Hanna's Sweet Puppies are a lot more trouble than they are worth. If you are a massive fan of pets -and specifically of puppies, then this game may still be worth the patience to play (or if you are curious and really need something new to try out). But aside from that, this is one time management game that leaves players with very little room for adjustment.