Fluffy Poodle Game

While it does not seem so obvious upon first hearing it, Fluffy Poodle is actually a pet themed dress-up title. Geared more for kids, the game goes straight to the customization screen without much ado. There is no tutorial, nor any sort of explanation as to how the game works. Actually, there is also a lack of labels for the customization categories. Thankfully, Fluffy Poodle's mechanics are simple and easy to figure out despite these graphical flaws.

Release Date: 01/11/2015

Portal Rating: 4.0/5

Fluffy Poodle is developed by Rainbow Dress-up.

Getting Straight to the Game

In terms of having choices for your pooch, there are plenty; you get to choose styles from seven categories. The first category has options for the poodle's tail. There are six types to choose from, each featuring a cotton candy-colored fluffy stub. The main colors you can select are pink, blue and yellow; which does not really offer much of a variety. Plus, along with the limited selection of main colors, there are haircut options that are so similar to each other that they are pretty much the same thing. For example, the two available blue tails have almost the same appearance with only white hearts to distinguish one from the other.

The next category contains six styles for the fur on your poodle's head and ears. Though there are still only a handful of choices, at least there are more colors and three distinct cuts. If you prefer something modern and two-tone, you could give your poodle blue hair with purple highlights. Or if you are looking for something more traditional, opt for a German trim. Want the best of both worlds? Why not give your dog a shade of lime green for the hair and have it in a classic teddy bear cut?

The third group contains choices for the fur on your poodle's legs and paws. Half of the six options are pink, one is black, one is yellow, and the last is two-tone. Though there are similarities in colors, each one of the trim options are distinct. We do appreciate the diversity in shapes and their adorable little details. One of the pink ones actually look like small, fluffy clouds with white swirls; very cute.

Like the choices for your fluffy pet's head and ears, body cuts have three basic styles. A sleek, single tone style, stamped frou-frou hair, and a round ball of fur covering the poodle's chest. Also, while pink still dominates the colors for this particular category, there are also orange, blue, and dark purple hued choices as well as some two toned varieties in the mix.

The sixth category gives you the ability to choose the appearance of your pet's collar and leash. There are sparkly gems and crystals joined by a humble lead or two. Again, the aesthetics are strictly restricted to frou-frou and as such have appeal only to a very specific type of audience. There is nothing really worth noting in terms of color variety and the jewels come in only round or heart shapes. The actual graphic for the collar looks a bit awkward and skewed so the poor poodle really looks uncomfortable. It does not help that its set expression looks unhappy as well.

Last but not the least is the category which contains options for the hair bows. Though their position only varies slightly, it is a nice surprise to see some effort put into the variety of the choices. You have your typical ribbon types, a classic gift bow, a butterfly wing-like scrunchie and even rows of small, delicate flowers. The colors used here are less cartoony than in the other categories, which is good for this section but bad in terms of overall cohesiveness of the poodle's look.

Lacking in Visuals

While this character creator has a few shining moments, they are certainly not found in the eye category. While it does have the same number of options as the other sections, the difference is limited to color. It is weird enough that the poodle has eye shadow, which may give kids the wrong impression about dogs and beauty products; but to go as far as to have such an unimaginative variety of options to choose from? There could have been so many things they could have been done better. To give players a more diverse pool of options, the game should have featured a significant number of different expressions, iris sizes, or more distinctly colored eyes. As it is, if you do not look close enough, it is hard to tell the difference between the options that are available.

Fluffy Poodle's graphics are, for the most part, good enough. It will not win any awards in terms of art style, nor will it be noticed because of its use of colors. But at least it is not ugly by any means. Aside from providing a more diverse set of options for each section, they should have also changed the poodle's default facial expression. Who wants to see a slightly sad, uncomfortable looking pooch anyway? As the name says, pet sim games are created for those of us who love our fluffy haired companions and so the trick is to keep things either realistic or downright adorable. The user interface is organized well enough, but again, some labels would have helped kids keep track of their choices.

The biggest downfall of this pet customization title is the fact that there is no way to save your progress or even to keep a digital copy of your finished product from the game itself. You will have to rely on ye olde print screen technique in order to store your masterpiece for viewing on a later date.

The Verdict

Overall, Fluffy Poodle is just okay. With only a few options for each category, the game has no real strong points to consider and the graphics just gets the job done. Very young players may be entertained with this title for a few minutes, but there is really not much to keep them coming back for more. Without any sort of background story for her, the poodle is just a generic virtual pet. The lack of animations or special interactions also makes it a pale substitute for traditional pet dolls, which may be played with and kept until kids outgrow them (unlike a digital version which you will not even be able to keep or hold). It is a nice attempt at creating a pet related title, but it feels more like a hollow shell of what could have been a full-fledged customization game. We give this a fluffy